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Large acoustic array improving resolution



ACB 's equipments allow a fast setup especially for large array, identifying acoustic sources very far away the antenna, and provide very large acoustic maps in only one measurement. Acoustic Video System can localize leakages in building, pumps, floodgates, or to classify factory chimneys on the same acoustic picture.

Our methodology consists in a lot of cases in installing the antenna where the measurement by sonometer is made. Acoustic maps show acoustic sources which are responsible of the acoustic level measured by the sonometer. At this time, Users know what kind of major acoustic sources must be lower with an ensure results. And more, the cost of heavy work is cheaper seeing that only major acoustic sources identified will be turn down.



Grande antenne1 - ACB Grande antenne2 - ACB Grande antenne3 - ACB Localisation des sources de bruit provenant d'une usine Localisation des sources de bruit dans une usine Image du bruit de cheminées Image du bruit d'une usine